1. Clear and oil your weapons recurrently, to maintain them in prime working order, Bear in mind only a mild coat of silicone lubricant usually for all weapons inside and outdoors. Weapons with blow again options require silicone lubricant on the slides extra usually. Clear the barrel earlier than and after use with a silicone lubricant, patch and rod. (Don’t use actual gun oil or lubricants like WD40)

2. Use solely slick seamless 6mm spherical ammo bought from a dependable web site. DO NOT reuse ammo or low cost 30-30 Winchester ammo for sale, they may carry out poorly and harm the weapon.

3. Use a sensible charger-this will add life and efficiency to your batteries. These chargers is not going to overcharge and harm the battery and needs to be used with all NiMh and LiPo batteries.

4. Solely use your gun with charged batteries. In case your gun is carrying down, take out the battery, change it and recharge it. DO NOT carry on capturing with a low battery.

5. Maintain the gun dry, water can harm any and all parts of an AEG. Maintain all screws tight. Dropping also can trigger harm that’s no repairable.

6. All the time learn the protection warnings and directions that’s shipped with every gun or part. You may study so much from the images if you cannot learn the language.


1. AEG’s will not be constructed for steady capturing. Maintain intervals of 1-5 second bursts to forestall your gun from overheating. A sizzling gun can harm the gears or motor.

2. By no means depart batteries in an air gentle gun when you’ve got completed capturing for any prolonged time.

3. In case your gun will get jammed you have to take away the jammed BB earlier than capturing once more. Capturing a jammed gun will trigger harm that might not be repairable.

4. By no means load your journal to greater than 80% capability. Absolutely loading will trigger the spring to loosen then the journal is not going to work correctly.

5. By no means alter or attempt to take away the Orange Tip out of your gun. That is illegal (Federal) and a few native governments have very strict legal guidelines defending the orange tip.

6. By no means discard the Proprietor’s Guide to your gun or parts; it is going to be a priceless upkeep instrument. Learn It!


NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries had been the primary for use in air gentle weapons however because of their limitations they’re included in right now’s low cost weapons solely. These batteries must be absolutely discharged by a “discharger” to forestall battery reminiscence and thus a a lot much less full cost. Numerous suppliers have stop promoting NiCad Batteries. Discharge NiCad batteries earlier than storage!

NiMh (nickel-metal hydride) In the present day’s air gentle battery essentially the most used and the most secure. It may be recharged with out requiring discharge. These batteries are cheap, secure and appropriate for contemporary air gentle weapons.

LiPo (lithium polymer) Recognized for his or her use in cell telephones and different units, are actually used within the airsoft market. These batteries deliver lighter weight and the identical fast firing from absolutely charged to nearly deplete. A LiPo battery will fireplace a gun the identical RPM as a NiMh with much less voltage. A 7.4 v LiPo needs to be used to switch a 9.6 NiMh, to forestall harm to gears, nonetheless a excessive finish airsoft gun with metallic gears this might not be needed.

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