When shopping for the wedding, the focus is generally on the bride – the centre of attention on the big day. Thus it is of utmost importance that everything be perfect and to her taste. Of course, it is always good to keep in mind the latest trends in wedding fashions. This holds true not only for clothes (colours and styles), but also for wedding jewellery  animal pandora charm – very often the most expensive part of the Indian bridal wear.

Shopping for wedding jewellery is usually a long-drawn process, involving visits to as many stores as possible and getting as many opinions as there are women in the family. However, the one that counts the most is the bride’s own choice. This, combined with the latest trends in wedding jewellery will ensure that the bride looks her best on her special day. Of course, one also has to consider the factors of economy, budget and the ever-rising cost of gold when buying wedding jewellery.

So what are the latest trends in wedding jewellery? How does one begin to shop for bridal  jewellery when there is so much variety out there? Is traditional the way to go, or contemporary? The answer lies in the kind of wedding you’re planning and the occasion on which the jewellery will be worn.

The overall trend in wedding jewellery today, however, is more traditional. The days of heavy stone work and intricate designs are back. Girls today want to recreate the royal look (much like is being shown in period movies in Bollywood) with their bridal jewellery. Thus the classic and beautiful kundan and polki work is amongst the favourite styles for wedding jewellery. This kind of jewellery is one of the oldest stone work done in the country and is back in fashion. It is heavy and intricate and adds charm to even the simplest outfits. The latest trend, in fact, is pairing big pieces of jewellery, especially earrings with simple necklines and straight lines so that the focus is on the jewellery.

However, since not everyone can afford the real deal, another latest trend in wedding jewellery is imitation or costume jewellery. This is cheaper than the real deal and much lighter in weight, but you can pick up some excellent pieces which don’t look artificial. The latest trends in wedding jewellery also involve the bride wearing several pieces of jewellery, apart from the traditional necklace, earrings and bangles. The fashion today is to wear ornate and striking mangtikas worn in the centre of the head, with the piece resting on the forehead. This can be of kundan or any other gemstones and pearls. The latest trend also has the bride wearing a chand inspired from Muslim jewellery, worn on the side of the head, and as ornate as a mangtika. The bride can also wear armlets, heavy bracelets, rings and hathphools. Another trend today is for the bride to wear long necklaces with heavy centrepieces.

All these different pieces can be a combination of the traditional and contemporary. A good way to do it is to have a traditional design, made in the traditional way, but with contemporary colours or colours matching the bridal dress or lehnga. This makes your wedding jewellery unique and at the same time suited exactly to your taste.

Wedding jewellery not only includes that for the main day, but also jewellery worn by the bride in the pre-marriage and post-marriage functions. So just make sure that you also have jewellery which would complement your dresses that you’d be wearing for the rest of the ceremonies and functions

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