A kitten, pair of kittens or an grownup cat could be a fantastic addition to anybody’s dwelling. Kittens are playful, lovable and grow to be very self-sufficient because the get older. Former “dog-only” individuals normally grow to be smitten shortly by the antics of their new pet. Getting a brand new kitten is simple, particularly in the course of the spring when animal shelters are overrun with undesirable kittens. And animal shelters are an excellent place to start out your seek for that latest member of your loved ones as a result of the kittens and cats discovered there are usually up-to-date on their photographs and well being care. As well as, spaying or neutering is often included together with a verification chip. And naturally, one of the best purpose for getting a kitten or cat out of your native animal shelter is that you’re giving an animal a loving dwelling, and what might be higher than that?

Many individuals will not be conscious of those details about cats and kittens.

When kittens are born, and for the subsequent Three-Four weeks, the mom is the only real supplier of their nourishment. It’s straight after the beginning when the new-born kittens start to suckle that the mom’s milk flows in ample quantities. In the course of the nursing interval, it’s particularly necessary that the mom cat be supplied with enough water and nourishment with a view to produce an ample milk provide for her litter. Milk, calcium and phosphates in type of a bone powder, and some drops of cod liver oil ought to be added to the mom cat’s every day dose of meals. As soon as the mom cat stops nursing, her meals consumption ought to return to her pre-pregnancy food plan. Some consultants do counsel, nonetheless, eliminating all liquids from the mom for 24 hours after taking the kittens away.

New-born kittens of each sexes and virtually all breeds are roughly the identical weight, usually about 90 grams on common. In the course of the subsequent 7-10 days, kittens can double their weight, and add, on common, 100 grams to their weight each week thereafter. By the tip of the second month, kittens ought to weigh roughly 1000-1300 grams. If you happen to discover kitten just isn’t gaining enough weight, a visit to the vet is so as instantly in order that the trigger could also be decided shortly and corrected whereas the kitten remains to be rising.

Kittens usually change from mom’s milk to regular meals in the course of the third to 4th week. If you happen to discover a distinct habits or nervousness amongst the kittens, or they make makes an attempt to crawl out of their nest or start to purr loudly, this can be a crimson flag that the mom’s milk is not out there in enough quantities and the kittens are hungry. Begin by supplementing the kittens’ food plan with 2 teaspoons of a mixture of dry powdered milk with common butter content material diluted with heat water and a pinch of sugar or honey as soon as a day. Opposite to what you could assume, cow’s milk bought from the grocery retailer is NOT the only option. Enhance the teaspoon of liquid combination by one teaspoon each couple of days. Now that the kittens are Three-Four weeks previous the liquid combination ought to be the consistency of pancake batter. The aim is to get the kitten to lick its meals. Don’t ever mash a kitten’s face into their meals. This is not going to solely frighten them, however they’ll hesitate to strategy a plate of meals or milk after that.

After they’re able to lick their meals from the plate, begin providing boiled meat which has sufficiently cooled. Create small balls of meat and place it gently into the kitten’s mouth if they don’t take it on their very own. Don’t cease giving your kitten the milk combination. Because the kitten continues to develop, and till they’re solely on cat meals, it is very important proceed giving them the combination of milk to assist them attain their progress potential.

If for any purpose the mom of the kittens just isn’t out there to nurse her brood, the primary selection ought to at all times be to search out one other suckling mom cat. If a suckling mom cat can’t be discovered, your solely choice could also be to feed the kittens artificially. This requires extra analysis and a vet’s recommendation ought to be sought.

Munchkin kittens and cats make fantastic pets. Correct nourishment for each your mom cat and kitten will guarantee each of them wholesome and lengthy lives.


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